My jewelry combines beautiful birds' eggshells from around the world, seashells, precious metal leaf, and tinted silver leaf. Each piece is a miniature artwork, your own talisman to carry with you or bestow on another. Please visit my Etsy shop JLongworthArtJewelry to see an additional selection, or contact me for private sale events and custom orders, or to join my mailing list.

The Handmade Pendant/Brooch Suite pictured below was born from my desire to create images that would both distill some of the beauty I see in nature and instill a sense of wonder and joy in the wearer. It was equally important to me to create something made by hand, beautiful to touch, and versatile to wear. Working with a gifted metalsmith, I was able to create exactly the delicate silver base I wanted. Each piece is fitted with a clasp to wear as a brooch, and hangs on a slim, single-strand sterling silver choker.  Each artwork is hand lacquered with an archival resin. The whole process takes about four weeks. You can also customize your piece with an alternative five-strand 14 carat gold choker. Please contact me for prices. Please allow 1 week for delivery. Accompanied by a signed "ingredients" card, and an anti-tarnish pouch.

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