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My jewelry combines beautiful eggshells from around the world, seashells, precious gold and metal leaf, and tinted silver leaf. Each piece is a miniature landscape. Please contact me for custom orders, or to join my mailing list.

The Handmade Pendant/Brooch Suite pictured below was born from my desire to create images that would both distill some of the beauty I see in nature and instill a sense of wonder and joy in the wearer. It was equally important to me to create something made by hand, beautiful to touch, and versatile to wear. Working with a gifted metalsmith, I was able to create exactly the delicate silver base I wanted. Each piece is fitted with a clasp to wear as a brooch, and hangs on a slim, single-strand sterling silver choker.  Each artwork is hand lacquered with an archival resin. The whole process takes about four weeks. This is a sold-out limited edition.

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